How long does it take to process my order?

When you place your order with us, we have to manually verify it and check that the website it appropriate and it is allocated to the correct niche category. This process normally takes about 24 hours. However, in most cases orders are processed sooner. Once your order has been processed, you will receive an e-mail from us with the tracking details.

What is the difference between targeted and untargeted traffic?

With targeted traffic, you can select the country or region and the demographic or category interest group of the visitors. We will then only attract visitors to your website from the selections you make. This is an ideal choice if you are running an e-commerce website where it is important for the visitors to be interested in your product.

Untargeted traffic is cheaper than targeted and we don’t give you the option to select the type of visitors you require. We still send you real visitors but normally they could be from any location worldwide. This is more ideal if you are simply trying to increase the amount of traffic to your website but the demographic or location of your visitors is not important.

Where does your traffic come from?

We have a large network of website publishers and expired domains with parked pages. We use a variety of ways (and depending on the category niche) to send you traffic. Our traffic are 100% genuine visitors. With our tracking dashboard you can even get detailed information about the visitors, such as their geographic location and their browser type. We do not use spam or unsolicited ways of generating traffic. We also do not use any robots of fake ways of generating traffic – as that is totally unethical.

How do I pay for my order?

At the moment, the only option available is PayPal. At the checkout page, once you have placed your order, you will be directed to pay for it on PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can just use their standard credit card form to pay.

What is your satisfaction guarantee?

We are committed to delivering the traffic you buy within 30 days of you purchasing it. We normally spread the traffic across a 30 day period to even it out. Our guarantee is that you will get the total number of visitors you buy within 30 days of your purchase. If we are unable to fulfill your order we will refund you for the traffic we have not sent.

How do I track my visitors?

Once you place an order with us, we will process it and send you a tracking link within 24 hours. If you lose the tracking link, you can simply login to your Mega Web Traffic account and view the tracking URL on your dashboard.

Is there a free trial?

Unfortunately due to the high demand in traffic we are unable to offer free trials. If you are still unsure, you could order the lowest package available to check that the traffic works for you before placing a large order.

Can I add multiple URLs to one campaign?

Unfortunately we cannot add multiple URLs because we wouldn’t be able to track them. Therefore, you can only add one URL per campaign.

Are you committed to privacy? Do you share my details?

We are absolutely 100% committed to your privacy. Firstly, we don’t ask for much information about you, other than your name and e-mail address. We simply keep this information for our records to communicate with you and to setup an account in your name. We will pass your website URL to our publishers within the categories you choose. However, beyond that, there is no information associated with your name.

We do not sell, swap or make available any of our personal customer data to 3rd party sources.

How do I contact you?

There are a number of ways to reach us:

Submit a support ticket:


Call us by phone:

Our telephone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 1.855.660.1050

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